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Tesla coil

gallery/slayer exciter schematic (transister)

In this project, you will learn how to build your own Tesla coil.


Step 1


Get your 40mm diameter plastic pipe and cut off a 30cm piece and deburr the ends with a knife or a file.


Step 2


Wrap some double sided tape around the pipe then start by winding the coil by leaving about 20cm - 30cm of wire left at the bottom ready to be hooked up to the slayer exciter circuit later then slowly wind the wire around the pipe trying to leave as little gaps as possible.


Step 3


once you have finished winding your coil connect the end of the wire to a top load. I used a stainless steal ball for this but you can use any large metal spherical object with no sharp corners. solder the end of the wire to the top load then glue the top load onto the top of the pipe.


Step 4


Wind your secondary coil around the primary coil about 6 turns using thicker multi core wire.


Step 5


Assemble the slayer exciter circuit you can do this on a piece of Vero or perf board or use a custom made PCB that I have included all of the Gerber files that will allow you to get your own PCB manufactured. Once you have received your PCB you will need to solder all the parts into place.(you can use the silk screen on the PCB and the schematic to help you)