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Music activated LED matrix

In this project you will learn how to make your own LED matrix that dances to your music. The LED matrix can be made with any colour 5mm LED I chose to use different coloured LEDs for each layer of the matrix.


The circuit consists of a LM3915 that is used to control the LEDs depending on the amount of voltage that is fed into it by the audio signal. I used an op-amp to change the voltage of the signal for 5 of the strips this will change what LEDs come on when the audio signal is applied. You can adjust the sensitivity of the LEDs by turning the potentiometer.


In my design there are 10 strips, the first 5 strips are then repeated so the amount of LEDs that are on will be repeated if you wanted to make the matrix longer you will just need to copy the first 5 until you get the desired amount of LEDs.


I chose to make mine on a PCB as it is the easiest way of building it, you could make it on some perf board but I would get rather complicated as there are a lot of connections. I have included the Gerber files so you can get your own PBC manufactured.Once you have received your PCB you will need to solder all the parts into place.(you can use the silk screen on the PCB and the schematic to help you)