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Project Introduction


The project is a device that is designed to be used in a industrial environment to control loads and monitor their power consumption, voltage and current. The project is going to be enclosed in a DIN rail enclosure as it is meant to be used in a industrial cabinet. I am designing all the circuitry from scratch and will code it myself. The outputs will be controlled by relays and the outputs will be able to be monitored. The project will be controlled by an Atmel microcontroller and will be programmed in AVR Studio.


I have included a copy of the project report which goes into more detail but please be aware the project report is not finished yet. (click photo) I have also included atachments to any of the other files mentioned in the project report.



gallery/avr studio

 Project report

 Bill of materials

 PCB files

gallery/power monitoring schematic
gallery/key pad flow chart


 Other assets

 Full schematic